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Training Description

Whether it is training for a movie, puppy foundation, lodge and learns, private lessons or specific sport training (agility, French Ring, AKC obedience), PHD Canine can meet your needs. Our head trainer, Krystie, will meet with you for a FREE EVALUATION (with the purchase of a training package) and together help decide what package best meets your families needs.

Our Lodge and Learn packages are our most popular services as they allow for desirable behaviors to be taught and reinforced, while re-training undesirable behaviors in a fraction of the time it would take through private or group lessons. This occurs through the one on one attention of a professional trainer while living with us in the comfort of our home.

Each Lodge and Learn package is followed up with a free private lesson in the comfort of your own home to ensure you will be able to continue with and maintain newly learned behaviors. Nothing is more important to us than your continued success and we encourage you to contact us at any point. FOR THE LIFETIME OF ANY DOG TRAINED BY US.

Package Details

    • Puppy Kindergarten – Give your pup the gift of learning how to behave through reward based training. We instill the basic foundation of how to learn as well as addressing: potty training, crate training, sit, lay down, loose leash walking and stay/come. 8 weeks old to 1 year old. This is a 2 to 4 week lodge and learn package. Any additional packages purchased after puppy kindergarten will be discounted at 50%.
      $1,200 Any additional packages purchased after puppy kindergarten, comes with a 50% discount.


    • Basic Obedience – Through reward based training we teach sit, down, stay/come, loose leash walking. We will also address any behaviors that you would like re-trained, such as – no biting/mouthing, no bark, no jumping or any other concerns you may have.
      $1,200 This is a 2 to 3 week lodge and learn package.


    • Off Leash Advanced Obedience – Through reward based training we teach sit, down, stay/come, heel, climb – with the performance of those behaviors reliably off leash, under distraction.
      $2,500 This is a 4 to 6 week lodge and learn package.


    • Anxiety/Aggression – This is an advanced behavior modification Lodge and Learn program that focuses on extinguishing unwanted behaviors through confidence building, obedience training and managment strategies.
      $ Varies depending upon circumstances/severity.


    • Doggy Daycare – We offer Monday through Friday Doggy Daycare to any dog that has completed any of our training packages. (Temperment permitting) Your pup will get to play and exercise all day with other social and stable pups.
      $25 per day/$100 per 5 day pass


    • Boarding – We also offer boarding for any dog that has completed any of our training packages. There is no better place for your pup to stay while you are out of town than an environment where they are familiar and enjoy themselves all day!
      $30 per day/discounts available for multiple dogs & extended stay.


    • Phone Consults – $50 Per Hour
    • Video Coaching – $50 Per Hour


Contact us now to inquire about our after holiday discounts and specials! 10% discount for military, law enforcement, senior citizen and rescue organizations.essay writerassignment help