Rehab & Chiropractic

Both Krystie and Rodney have degrees in physical therapy. Krystie worked in physical therapy primarily for 15 years before making her passion for canines a full time endeavor. She does continue to work on a per diem basis in therapy for her enjoyment and to keep her license active.

Rodney continues to work in physical therapy and chiropractic and has attended certification courses for canine and equine chiropractic. Rodney has a genuine orthopedic talent and is passionate about providing the same exemplary care to his 4 legged patients that he does to his 2 legged patients.

Through personal experience of rehabbing her own personal dog Deja through bilateral ACL repairs as well as injuries that ocurr through: dogs being dogs, working dog injuries or just wear and tear, we know how challenging “crate rest” can be for some dogs as well as how time consuming following up with veterinarian referred therapy can be.

We offer programs to allow your dog to receive the care they need while rehabbing with experts who will work closely with your veterinarian to ensure proper care. We also offer laser treatments at a competitive price. Laser is our go to modality whenever any of our personal dogs suffer a soft tissue injury. Laser packages can be purchased individually or bundled with a buy 5 get 1 free rate.


Initial Chiropractic Evaluation – $125.
Follow up session – $80/ $400 for 6 session bundle.
Laser Treatment – $35 per segment/$140 per 5 segment bundle.

Contact us for further pricing regarding rehab stays or equine chiropracticbuy essay onlineterm paperresume writing

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