Nutrition/Raw Food

All of our personal dogs thrive on a raw food species appropriate diet. Available in various sizes and convenience depending on your needs. We have been feeding a raw diet for over 15 years now and have helped countless others make the switch to a raw species appropriate diet. Ask us how to help transition your dogs diet to a healthy raw diet.

Is your dog overweight? There are studies out there saying that 38% of all pet owners surveyed believed their dog to be at a good weight, when in fact, their dog is categorized as MORBIDLY OBESE. We offer a nutrition lodging to assist with decreasing weight and/or increasing activity levels with your veterinarians approval/referral. Please contact us at PHD Canine for more details.


$50 per 1 hour phone consult/$200 for 5, 1 hour phone consults.writing helpwrite my essay

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